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Terra Dona Skincare
Jasmine Hamerslough

High-end,100% all-natural skin care products made by hand. All ingredients are natural and products contain no artificial preservatives, chemicals, colors, or fragrances.  Some of the amazing and unique ingredients used are Maple Sap, Royal Jelly, Supercritical CO2-Extracted Oils (purest form), Licorice Root Extract, Acai Stem Cells, Retinol, Shea Butter, Goji Berry Oil, and a variety of floral-infused oils made by Terra Dona Skincare.  This is only a subset of the natural ingredients that make our natural skin care products so unique and effective for ALL skin types!

Terra Dona Skincare
P.O. Box 8035
Essex, VT 05451


Contact: Jasmine Hamerslough
Phone: (802) 318-1782
Email: jasmine@terradonaskincare.com