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Nomadic Kitchen
Alexandra Shuman

Nomadic Kitchen is a Vermont-based confectionery specializing in small-batch, gourmet marshmallows (& the occasional sugary whim) founded by perpetually curious chef, writer, and Vermont-native, Alexx Shuman. This one-woman venture is a complete reinterpretation of the childhood delight. Alexx utilizes her extensive culinary background to strike a balance between global influence and local soil in her creations, elevating the humble treat to imaginative new levels. Flavors change with both the seasons and Alexx’s own culinary discoveries, continuously surprising anyone who thinks a marshmallow is a marshmallow is a marshmallow.

Nomadic Kitchen
99 Westview Drive
South Burlington, VT 05403


Contact: Alexandra Shuman
Phone:  (802) 578-8766
Email:  nomadickitchenconfections@gmail.com
Web:  www.nomadic-kitchen.com